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Information for Buyers

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Our team consists of our attorneys and our supporting staff who facilitate with intake, title, escrow, and settlement for residential real estate closings. We welcome questions relating to your purchase of residential real estate in the state of North Carolina. Please submit your contract or inquiries to:

Importance of Surveys

We recommend every purchaser obtain a survey of the property during the due diligence period. Most importantly, an experienced surveyor’s map and report will indicate any unacceptable encroachments which may be resolved prior to closing. A survey revealing defects should allow a buyer under contract to require the seller to cure any matters as a condition of the purchase.

The average survey cost is between $450 and $600 depending on several variables including the acreage of land, visibility of prior markers, topographic abnormalities, and surrounding development. If you would like our office to order your survey, please ensure the “Survey Authorization” form is completed and returned promptly.

Title Vesting & Ownership

There are three types of joint ownership interests: tenancy by the entirety, joint tenancy with right of survivorship, and tenancy in common. Lenders are not likely to allow non-borrowing, non-spouses to take title to the property. There are additional considerations to keep in mind when taking title, such as the purpose of the acquisition, tax consequences, and shielding liability from creditors.

What is Title Insurance?

In North Carolina, mortgage lenders require borrowers to obtain a lender’s policy of title insurance, based on the attorney’s opinion that the loan is free from unacceptable liens and encumbrances. This is paid as a one-time premium based on the sale price or loan amount.

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  • Loan Purchase | $850

  • Cash Purchase | $700

  • Recording (deed) | $26

  • Recording (mortgage) | $64

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Prompt completion and return of the respective forms ensures our ability to order your survey and confirm pertinent details prior to closing.

Learn more about refinancing fees here.
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