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Fees & Forms

Purchase Fees

Buyer | $850

Seller | $200

Our fees are all-inclusive of title search, settlement, electronic recording and courier charges.

We value transparency, quality work, and great service.


Caveat Emptor (latin for “buyer beware“) is a fundamental principle of contract law taught in schools around the world.

Buyers should heed caution when seeking to engage attorneys quoting significantly lower fees. This is generally indicative of their work product, attention to detail, lack of knowledge, and reflective of their staff’s level of experience.

Buyer Forms

What is Title Insurance?

Most institutional lenders require that a purchaser of real property obtain title insurance as a condition of the loan. All policies cover standard risks but the value is accounting for exceptions to your coverage, and coverage is only as good as the attorney certifying the opinion to the insurance company. This one-time premium may be subject to a discount if a “re-issue rate” is available.

We furnish a premier title product and provide industry-leading service at a very affordable rate.


In the state of North Carolina, the buyer has the right to choose the attorney who represents their interests in the purchase of real property. When vetting an offer, the seller should always research the attorney a buyer has selected.

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