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Information for Sellers

Debt Satisfaction

If you have entered into contract for the sale of your residential real estate, you will have the obligation to perform certain duties at or before closing. Our office will assist with ordering and securing accurate statements reflecting the current balance(s) of any existing mortgage, equity line, or pay homeowner’s dues.


It is our office’s objective to promptly record the documents with the appropriate county such that disbursements will be made same day of closing. If our office is requested to wire sale proceeds, we will require a signed proceeds directive affidavit indicating the appropriate account.

Title Curative Matters

Title curative matters should ideally be addressed prior to entering contract, but not later than expiration of the due diligence period to avoid delaying the closing.

Learn more HERE.

1031 Exchanges

Residential real estate qualifies for a 1031 exchange if it has been used for investment purposes.

Learn more HERE.


Fees include settlement services, document preparation, and courier charges.

  • Documents and Settlement | $200

  • Documents (no Settlement) | $150


Prompt completion and return of the respective forms ensures our ability to order your payoff and confirm pertinent details prior to closing.

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