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In order to regulate land usage, ensure community stability, and preserve property values, local governments apply zoning requirements throughout their cities or municipalities. If you are a commercial real estate broker, investor, or lender, it is vital that you have a comprehensive understanding of the specific zoning laws for your property.

Understanding your property’s zoning type is important, but it is only the first step in evaluating specific zoning regulations that must be met. The Vyas Realty Law team will help you make determinations through qualified guidance and counsel, ensuring that you have all relevant information regarding permissions and limitations for development rights to your property. Moreover, we can assist with ensuring the real estate is not hamstrung by strict zoning, creating flexible re-development options for the future.

  • Commercial – The most common zoning use for commercial districts are those involving office and institutional use. Mixed-Use development allows a developer to incorporate residential use with office or retail to create the increasingly popular walk-able communities.

  • Industrial – This zoning class is typically reserved for manufacturing and wholesaling business operations but interestingly can include purposes such child care, restaurants and office use.

  • Residential – Zoning for residential development is largely dependent upon the proposed density based on lots per acreage of land.

  • Agricultural – Financing land for agricultural purposes may require partial rezoning for residential use when the buyer intends to occupy a portion of the subject property for their primary residence. Many counties surrounding Raleigh can require this dual zoning purpose.